Our goal is excellence, through dedication, sincerity and commitment.
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Customer Care

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We are committed to achieve and enhance the total customer satisfaction by developing and providing products of quality that fulfils the intended purpose and extending services that meets our customer’s expectations.

We realize this through efficient and intelligent management of all available resources.

We implement this policy by committing ourselves and inspiring each other to introduce and adhere to every aspect of quality management system by reviewing and continually improving the effectiveness of the QMS.


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The customer list of AKSF today includes all Ministries, Government Organizations, Corporates companies, all Major Hotels and all Major Furniture Dealers in Oman and the entire Middle East. AKSF has also made major inroads into the Europe, Australia, Africa & CIS countries.

Today, we are equipped with State of the Art equipment and machineries, designed and developed by renowned manufacturers who possess pioneering status in this field. The Company makes use of Computer Aided Tools in its manufacturing process. The Company independent divisions for Design, Production, Quality Control, Materials and Sales, all headed by professionals in the respective fields.

Al Khoudh Steel Furniture is fully committed to providing high quality products and services. We take great care to ensure we meet our customer satisfaction. Should you need any information on our products and our services, please contact us for prompt assistance.

"Our goal is excellence, through dedication, sincerity and commitment"

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AKSF tryng pays more attention to customer satisfaction. We have a perfect after-service system and professional technicists, and provide our customers with the most favorable customer service and effective technical support.

After the selling products, we will immediately provide you with the necessary assistance and completely satisfactory service if you have any question about the product. Please do not hesisate to contact us at info@hadid.com



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