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Aluminium Chairs

Features Made of top-grade aluminium, this range of furniture is specially designed to serve you for years to come. Alumina comes to you in four elegant profiles: plain, fluted, wooden and trendy. You also have a choice of world-class epoxy powder coated finishes, including plain, gold, silver and mahogany. Apart from standard chair options, we also offer you customized designs to suit your individual needs. Foam Options: STANDARD - Durable and strong, our standard range of foam offers excellent seating comfort, SUPER- Extra strong and highly durable, offering long hours of seating comfort, LUXURY- Ergonomically designed, durable foam that offers optimum seating comfort. Retains shape even after long hours of use, ULTIMATE- Highly resilient, ergonomically designed foam offering the ultimate in seating comfort. Retains shape even long hours of use.

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